Frequently Asked Questions

We started out asking how industries had been digitalized by Information Technology yet, education had remained almost stagnant in the way of delivery. Can educators deliver knowledge and students learn more efficiently? Triggered by the thought of how we should improve education, we embark on researching how technology can be harnessed to deliver a solution to our question.

Answered is an online educational marketplace where ALL educators (ie. Tutors or Teachers) can showcase and sell their content to students. Basically, educators can now video record themselves, do up automated marking assignments and live webinar; bundle it as a content package to be sold to students.

  • Time flexibility (Learn anytime you want)
  • On the go learning (Learn anywhere you want)
  • Control your learning (Playback and learn as many times you want)
  • Learn from the comfort of your home
  • Cheaper fees compared to physcial or online class lessons

  • Passive income model (You are selling your content; not your time)
  • Reach infinite numbers of students

For students, they will only pay according to how much the course is charged by the educator. It will be based on a monthly or yearly subscription.

For educators, there is no subcription fees. Answered will take a commission cut of up to 30% of the sales revenue, depending on the promotional and marketing efforts required to market the course. In other words, there is no fees charged to educators unless there is sales made.