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 At Answered, we aim to build communities that brings together educators and students, locally and across geographical boundaries.

We strive to provide 2 things for the educational community:
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 We welcome all professional educators and students. Join us and pioneer the journey of transforming the educational landscape.

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We started out asking how industries had been digitalized by Information Technology yet, education had remained almost stagnant without much technological breakthroughs..... Then came COVID, and suddenly edutech took leaps forward.... Many edutech products emerged, focusing on the student's learning path. Yet, few took on the challenge to build learning communities that connects educators, students and parents in an enriching manner. That's why we built Answered. 

Answered is a dedicated educational marketplace where ALL educators can showcase their digital content to students and parents. Basically, educators can now upload video lessons, do up automated marking assignments to showcase their delivery styles and techniques to prospective students or parents. As we grow, we will build more features to cater to the needs of the community. 

  • Showcase your delivery techniques through video lessons to prospective students or parents
  • Build and Market your brand to Answered's community (We allow students to contact you directly!)
  • No need to provide Free Trial lessons anymore. Our platform is the 'Free Trial' lessons available 24/7 for your prospective students.
  • Use your video lessons on as revision package for your existing students. 

  • Learn Free video lessons (Anytime, Anywhere)
  • Understand Educators' teaching style better
  • Contact Educators for lessons at your discretion (Through Educators' profile page)

No fees for Educators or Students

We are making this platform free for all (No hidden cost)

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