JC Biology A Levels – DNA structure; Phosphodiester bond formation; DNA replication

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We are MACRO Learning (www.macrotutors.com) and I am Jay, your JC H2 Biology tutor (Mobile - 97853053). In this free course, I will share with you some of the common misconceptions students may have about H2 Biology, and techniques students can use to study Biology more efficiently. We will also be going through the H2 Biology chapter of DNA structure and replication, which is the first of many chapters in the larger core idea of Genetics and Inheritance.

This course includes:
 5 Lesson Video
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Common biology misconceptions and learning biology techniques

“Biology is memorizing, memorizing and memorizing.” Is that true? How can we make it better for you? MACRO’s pedagogy of “Conceptualise, Answering Ttechniques and H.O.T” will help students figure out what areas they need to practise and improve in.

DNA structure

What is the structure of DNA? What are the three components of nucleotides? Why is this important? We will address these questions in this short video lesson.

Phosphodiester bond formation

In this video, we will look at what constitutes a phosphodiester bond through analysing its formation process. Following which, we will consolidate the similarities and differences of DNA Vs RNA. and look into the concept of activated nucleotides before ending off with an introduction to DNA discovery.

DNA Replication

In this video, we will discuss what conservative, semi-conservative and disruptive DNA replication entails through the example of the Meselson and Stahl Experiment. You will be able to explain the 4 steps of the DNA Replication Mechanism and identify the differences between the leading and lagging Strand. The lesson will wrap up with an explanation of the End Replication Problem (ERP).

VJC Paper Practice

In our last video, we will be breaking down how to dissect free response questions in your A Levels examination paper -Victoria JC 2021. You will learn the critical skills every student needs for tackling essay questions.