JC Chemistry A Levels – Halogenalkanes & Halogenoarenes; Nucleophilic substitution (Sn1 & Sn2)

We are Macro learning ( and I am Sean, your JC Chemistry tutor (Mobile - 86135830). We will be addressing misconceptions about JC chemistry and teach on how to study organic chemistry effectively. More importantly, we will be running through 2 topics in detail – Halogenoalkanes & Halogenoarenes and nucleophilic substitution.

6 Lessons


In this course, I will be highlighting 12 key concepts. Each of the key concepts will be covered in a lesson, with examples and explanations on how to answer the questions.

12 Lessons

Chemistry Classes F1or N(A), O and A Levels

Learn Chemistry interactively with Science Ventures Learning Hub. We have classes every day with small class size of 3 to a class. We have no hidden fees, only 1 1fixe1d1 fees with all materials at no additional cost.

1 Lessons