Tackling inferential questions

Inference questions are a very common question type in the O Level English exams and many students struggle with these types of questions. I designed this course to have 4 lesson videos to enable students to master the techniques to overcome inferential questions. It will be advisable to watch the lesson videos accordingly to each part in a sequential order to get the most out of this course.

4 Lessons

How to Improve Your Reading Comprehension Skills | Critical Reading Technique | Becoming a better reader

In this course, we look at a critical reading technique which can help you to improve your reading comprehension skills. We all know that reading comprehension is important as we need to understand what the text is trying to tell us and, of course, this will help us answer Paper 2 comprehension questions more accurately too.

1 Lessons

Mastering Vocabulary Has Never Been Easier | Becoming a better reader

Learning new vocabulary is not as difficult as you think. The secret to building up our vocabulary is basically this - be intentional with our learning. Knowing and being able to accurately use a wide range of words and phrases can help us in both Paper 1 and Paper 2 components of the Secondary School English exams, such as Writing, Comprehension and Summary.

3 Lessons

The Secret to the Show-Not-Tell Writing Strategy | Improve Your Writing Instantly

Almost everyone who has taken a writing class will know what the Show-Not-Tell Writing Strategy is. However, not many actually know how to apply this technique effectively to their writing. In this course, I will show you some very surprisingly easy tips on how to use this strategy in the right way.

1 Lessons

You Can't Understand Sentences (even though you know all the words) | One-Step Solution

Have you ever wondered why you find it difficult to understand some sentences, especially those pesky long and complex ones, even though you know what all the words in those sentences mean individually? In this course, I will show you a one-step solution to help you easily improve your understanding of these annoyingly confusing sentences.

1 Lessons

How to Avoid Sentence Structure Errors | Score Higher Marks by Writing Complete & Accurate Sentences

Sentence structure errors are a common problem that many students encounter. These errors can cost us valuable marks in our English O Level writing exams. In this course, we go back to the basics on what a complete sentence is. It is important that we know this in order to stop ourselves from making those sentence structure errors and get the marks we deserve.

1 Lessons

Subject-Verb Agreement | Basic SVA Grammar Rule

The Subject-Verb Agreement error is a very common mistake made by many students when writing or speaking. Unfortunately, these errors can cost you some precious language marks. In this video, I will explain what SVA is and go through a basic SVA rule which you can apply to sentences that have action verbs. You can also apply this rule to sentences with auxiliary verbs.

1 Lessons

Sentence Structure Errors and How to Fix them with Real Examples | Run-On and Comma Splice Errors

Many students make sentence structure errors in their writing quite often without realising it. In this course, we will cover two common errors (run-ons and comma splices). We will look at real examples from real students and I will also show you how to identify the errors and what we can do to correct them.

2 Lessons

The Perfect Summary Writing Strategy | Step by Step Guide with O Level Example

If you are struggling with summary writing, this video is for you! In this video, we will look at an effective step-by-step strategy to help you write a perfect summary. These steps can be applied to any summary writing question and will provide you with a clear guide on what you need to do in order to score better grades in summary for the O Level English Exams in Paper 2.

1 Lessons

Practical Approach to Writing the Perfect Situational Writing | O Level Question with Model Essay

In this course, we will go through some actionable steps that you can apply when you are attempting the situational writing component of the English O Level exams. This strategy will help ensure that you are clear of the question requirements and also ensure that you write the most effective situational writing that will help you achieve that 'A' grade.

3 Lessons