Singapore Primary School Science - HEAT with Levelup Tuition!

Hi Students and Parents! Welcome to my Primary school "Heat" course! I am Kydon, Principal math and science tutor of Levelup tuition. In this course, i am teaching about HEAT energy. This bite sized program allows you and your child to learn in a jiffy about what heat is all about and to understand my fun loving teaching style. My centre is situated in Toa payoh, within minutes of walking distance from Toa payoh MRT station. Click on the title to find out more about me or to contact me!

12 Lessons

P6 Aitong 2023 Prelim

Discusses one question on Impact Of Man On the environment

1 Lessons

Adaptation Video

This video will discuss how to tackle One of the science open-ended questions

1 Lessons

Energy Form And Its Uses

Discusses energy and its form

1 Lessons

Energy Conversion

This video will teach us on energy conversion and its applicaions

1 Lessons

P6 Science (Respiratory System)

This video course demonstrates how smoking affects the respiratory system. I will demonstrate how student should answer a respiratory question tested in exam.

1 Lessons