Seah Fucai Jerry (Chemistry)

Bachelor of science

Acids and Bases! For Secondary schools based on Singapore Syllabus.

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Come learn Acids and Bases with me, Coach Jerry. Let me teach you how Chemistry can be learnt while adopting a mindfulness stress free mindset learning method where you can learn at a comfortable pace of your own!

This course includes:
 5 Lesson Video
 0 Assignments

Let's get ourselves ready for the journey!

Let's reflect on our learning journey : What do i hope to achieve in this learning process? How do i get help in the areas i lack in? Let me get you to slow down our pace and reflect on some issues to get a better direction.

Learning Acid

Confused with the definition of acids. degree of ionization and chemical properties? Let me run though this concepts to let you have a clear idea.

Writing Chemical Equations

There is no way you can go away with this course without learning about writing up the chemical equations. But, I will make it as simple as it is for you to understand it like...right away!

Practice Time!

Nothing makes you learn better than to get some practice! Let run though some practice and answers to strengthen your new found knowledge, but of course, don't neglect your mental state. If your mind is telling you to take a break now, go on. This is a video lesson after all, come back to this again whenever you are ready! :)

Sum it all up!

Let's do a round up of all the concepts that we had learnt.