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Singapore Primary School Science - HEAT with Levelup Tuition!

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Hi Students and Parents! Welcome to my Primary school "Heat" course! I am Kydon, Principal math and science tutor of Levelup tuition. In this course, i am teaching about HEAT energy. This bite sized program allows you and your child to learn in a jiffy about what heat is all about and to understand my fun loving teaching style. My centre is situated in Toa payoh, within minutes of walking distance from Toa payoh MRT station. Click on the title to find out more about me or to contact me!

This course includes:
 12 Lesson Video
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How do I teach the topic “Heat”

Helping students remember the key things of heat and how to use it in exams. Let’s get going!

What is Heat?

Lesson 2 covers the explanation of heat. Something that we take for granted which we come across everyday but what really is it? How do we measure it? Does heat travel?

Sources of Heat

Tested in MCQs, I run through some key words that must be noted in exam to score the marks. I explained what temperature is about.

Heat flow

How does heat flow? In this video, I will run through some questions using diagrams, displaying the proper way to answer heat flow questions in exam.

Demonstrating heat flow

The best way to teach a child to learn? Visualization. In this video, I use tools to depict the flow of heat from one place to another. Using simple tools (Markers, to be exact), I utilized the power of imaging to help the child retain the concept.

Effects of gaining heat

What are the effects when one gains heat? My method of teaching in this video is to dramatize the concepts so that the child understood the concept and with that, memorise the concept. I will also highlight the key words to be used in exams.

When ice gains heat

What will happen when ice gains heat? How do you answer this question to gain the marks? I will run through a question to show what are the keywords used for answering this particular question in exam.

Effects of losing heat

What happens when you lose heat? What happens when water loses heat? This question will be answered using diagram and keywords will be highlighted.

Conductors of heat

What are good and poor conductors of heat? I will present some good and poor conductors of heat to allow the child to understand better.

Physical examples of poor conductor of heat

To enhance the child learning, physical items are displayed to allow them to visually related to the concept of poor conductor of heat. In this example, I introduce Styrofoam as a poor conductor of heat.

Physical examples of good conductor of heat

To enhance the child learning, physical items are once again displayed to allow them to visually related to the concept of good conductor of heat. In this example, I introduce metal as a good conductor of heat.

The best conductor of Heat

In this last lesson, I demonstrated with the “BEST” conductor of heat! Using a copper rod to show how it can ‘Cut’ through ice, I explain how the heat transfer managed to achieve it. In my lessons, I allow students to physically handle these items. I discovered that the students’ knowledge retention is the highest through the physical involvement in these experiments. Hope that you or your child had gain knowledge through my video lessons. You contact me at 88171185 or check out my profile page