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General Paper 1 Essay Writing Techniques

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In this course, I will be covering how to choose an essay question, perform question analysis, learning to write an effective introduction and conclusion. Finally, i will go through how to tackle challenging questions in this 5 part course lesson.

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Lesson 1 - Choosing an essay question

In this lesson, I will be going through how to choose an essay question through elimination and setting some criteria that can guide you in choosing the right question.

Lesson 2 - Question Analysis

I will go through what i known as the 4Ds techniques - iDentify, Decide, Define and Determine! The 4Ds techniques help you to assess the question thoroughly before diving into writing the essay. Preparation work is essential to ensure the essay is written with proper flow.

Lesson 3 - Writing an effective introduction

I will be introducing what is known as the B.D.D.T structure - B.ackground, D.efining key terms, central D.ebate, main T.hesis. Some examples will be shown at the end of the lesson.

Lesson 4 - Writing an effective conclusion

My method, known as the R.S.C - Reiterating your main points, Significance of the issue at hand and Call to action! guides students to end of the essay with a bang! I be going through some examples at the end of the lesson.

Lesson 5 - Tackling challenging questions

Lastly, this is what you guys had been waiting for! I be going through tough essay questions format - "Overrated", "Divide / Unite", "Double barralled". Using examples, i will show how to present arguments for each format.