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General Paper 2 Workshop

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Today, i am presenting one of my General Paper 2 Workshop about full components - Short Answer Questions (SAQs), Summary and Application Questions (AQs). My workshop is divided into 4 components - Basic Comprehension Techniques, Common types of SAQs, Tackling summary and Mastering AQs.

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Basic Comprehension Techniques

In this lesson, i will cover how to allocate time for General Paper 2. I will touch on the topics of paraphrasing and content awareness.

Common types of Short Answer Questions (SAQs)

The 2nd lesson covers about the different type of short answer questions - Inferential and Literal. I will go through the techniques and have a hands-on practice with you to demonstrate how to handle such questions.

Tackling Summary

How do you tackle summary? Allow me to impart the techniques for accomplishing it!

Mastering Application Questions

In this lesson, i will use past year exam papers as examples to demonstrate how to handle application questions.