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Mastering Vocabulary Has Never Been Easier | Becoming a better reader

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Learning new vocabulary is not as difficult as you think. The secret to building up our vocabulary is basically this - be intentional with our learning. Knowing and being able to accurately use a wide range of words and phrases can help us in both Paper 1 and Paper 2 components of the Secondary School English exams, such as Writing, Comprehension and Summary.

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MEW Vocabulary Technique – Meaning, Analyse & Write

In this lesson, I will discuss the 3 simple steps known as Understanding the Meaning, Analyse an Example and write a Sentence. I will be providing a link to the article from The Guardian:

Improve Your Vocabulary Quickly And Easily | 3 Useful Steps With Example

You can improve your vocabulary quickly and easily using just 3 very simple and easy-to-remember steps. Just reading tons and tons of books won't help you improve your vocabulary. In order to do this, we need to be very intentional with our learning. In this video lesson, I will show you how to learn new vocabulary where I apply the 3 MEW Steps to an example article :

The Smart Way To Boost Your Vocabulary With Example | Do This Quickly and Easily

Improving your vocabulary has never been easier! Having good vocabulary is not just about knowing many words or the meanings of those words, but it's also about being able to use them in your writing as well. That's why in this video, I show you another example on how to learn, remember AND use new vocabulary, and you will be able to do it quickly and effortlessly. You can access the CNA article link here :