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P6 to Sec 1: An In-Depth Guide | Differences in English Curriculum with Exam Examples

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The transition from Primary 6 to Secondary 1 can be a daunting experience for students and their parents. In this video series, we will be taking a closer, in-depth look at the differences of the various components of the PSLE and O Level English curriculum. This comparison is based on the latest 2023 MOE O Level English Syllabus and consists of actual exam examples.

This course includes:
 2 Lesson Video
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Part 1 – Difference in marking components in PSLE and O level English

In the Part 1 of the video, I will examine the components featured in the O level English paper and compare them with those of the PSLE English examination. Through the use of examples, I will highlight the distinctions between the two, providing a clearer understanding of their respective formats and requirements.

Part 2 – Common Transition Problems & What to Do Before School Starts with Actual Examples

In the Part 2 of the video, I will delve into the transition challenges encountered by students as they progress from Primary 6 to Secondary 1. I will analyze the ramifications of these hurdles on students and demonstrate the contrasting standards between both academic levels using concrete examples. Additionally, I will offer practical suggestions on ways to enhance preparedness and readiness for Secondary 1 English.