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JC Economics A Levels - Cost and Revenue, Shut down conditions, Market Structures, Question Analysis

We are Macro learning ( and I am Martin, your JC economics tutor (Mobile - 87168566). In this free course, we will be going through the 4 lesson topics – Cost and Revenue, shut down conditions, Market structures and essay answering techniques. Unlike usual lectures, this lesson will also cover common mistakes students make in firms and decisions.

5 Lessons

JC Chemistry A Levels – Halogenalkanes & Halogenoarenes; Nucleophilic substitution (Sn1 & Sn2)

We are Macro learning ( and I am Sean, your JC Chemistry tutor (Mobile - 86135830). We will be addressing misconceptions about JC chemistry and teach on how to study organic chemistry effectively. More importantly, we will be running through 2 topics in detail – Halogenoalkanes & Halogenoarenes and nucleophilic substitution.

6 Lessons

JC Biology A Levels – DNA structure; Phosphodiester bond formation; DNA replication

We are MACRO Learning ( and I am Jay, your JC H2 Biology tutor (Mobile - 97853053). In this free course, I will share with you some of the common misconceptions students may have about H2 Biology, and techniques students can use to study Biology more efficiently. We will also be going through the H2 Biology chapter of DNA structure and replication, which is the first of many chapters in the larger core idea of Genetics and Inheritance.

5 Lessons